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Increase the value of your car by up to 26%!

It is estimated that a full service history can increase the value of a used car by up to 26%. According to a recent survey by Kwik Fit, more than one-in-three buyers (34%) will not buy a car without a full service history. also provides you a platform where you can log your service history. Every time your car receives a service, you can register the date and the type of service in With the average used car selling for £5,500(€7,500) a full service history could be worth up to £1,430 (€1947).

People are willing to pay more for cars they believe were well maintained and are don’t want any surprises. HPI UK and estimate that 1 in 3 cars have a hidden history. Having access to a full service history is one of the best ways to ensure that the mileage is correct.

The number one cause of depreciation for your car is not keeping up with the necessary service needs over the years for your make and model. To help maintain the resale value of your car, it needs regular maintenance and you need to be able to prove to your potential buyers that you took good care of your car. That is why is providing a platform where you can log all your service history.

To start increasing the value of your car register here:

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