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Ireland and UK are miles apart

Car and knows that the UK and Ireland both drive on the Left hand side of the road. However 10 years ago Ireland changed the odometer (mileage clocks) on all new cars to read in Kilometers. Since then the ratio of cars with Kilometer odometers compared with Miles is nearly 2:1. It took a while for Irish people to get used to it. However all of the road signs in Ireland were in Kilometers long before the odometer changes , so the switch made sense.Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.47.21 a.m.

  • Number of Cars registered since 2005 in Irish Fleet = 1,505,858
  • Number of Cars registered prior to 2005 in Irish Fleet = 790,714

The UK still use Miles both on Road Signs and on vehicle odometers. The UK exports around 45,000 cars to Ireland every year while Ireland exports around 4,500 in the other direction. The good news is that most modern cars have the ability to have their odometer readings changed especially if they are digital.

One of the big issues that surfaced during the change from Miles to Km’s was “clocking”. Some unscrupulous people used the change to mask vehicle mileage and confuse consumers. The good news is that the number of cars in the fleet with miles is falling away and within another 3 to 5 years about 90% of the Irish fleet will be in Kms and only old cars will be affected.

Car and can allow you to store your service history from either the UK or Ireland and hopefully eliminate the effects of clocking because a verified history can be available. recently stated that the percentage of UK vehicles checked which recorded a mileage discrepancy stood at 14.5% while the equivalent figure for the Irish fleet stood at 8.4%. Clocking is now a criminal offence in the Republic of Ireland pursuant to section 14 of the Road Traffic Act 2014.


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