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Cleaning Tips

Car And cares about their cars and, of course, like a child, likes to see them well and clean.Lamb's Wool Washing Paw

To clean your car, the first thing is to equip yourself with three basics: a pressure washer, a lamb’s wool wash paw and a soft drying towel. Many scratches are caused during the washing process so be careful and that is why we say you should use a lamb’s wool wash paw or something else very soft. Hose down your car with water (where allowed to do so), remove excess dirt then take a bucket of warm water and something soft like a sponge and clean the car. Hose car again then dry with chamois cloth and apply polish as required.

According to The Telegraph, there are 5 steps you cannot miss:

  1. Learn to polish properly – a few drops of product are enough for a 2ft area. The polish should be worked into the paint in straight lines guaranteeing coverage of the whole area. Leave it for the correct amount of time and then remove it with a suitable cloth.
  2. Become a glass master – with two microfiber cloths (a humid and a clean and dry) wipe the glass with the humid one and right after use the dry one to have that crystal-clear finish.
  3. Don’t forget the corners and gaps – doorsills and door hinges are often forgotten.
  4. Seal those wheels – it is well worth to apply a wheel sealant when they are new (and regularly afterwards) to prevent the brake dust from attaching to the wheel. Wheels will always be dirty but cleaning them at least once a week will prevent them from deteriorating too much.
  5. Watch out for bugs – when you have bugs in your car remove them quickly. The anti-insect spray can damage the paint of your car, leaving stains if left there for a less short period of time. is proud of your car!

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