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Car And has been blogging about Sensor Technology and one such technology with lot of potential to be even more developed is lidar. This has one of the most important roles in autonomous vehicles. A company that has been innovating and developing lidar technology is Velodyne LiDAR. Wolfgang (Velodyne representative in the TU-Automotive panel about sensors) explained that lidar measures at real time 360degrees of data and is usually sitting on top of the car spinning around doing object detection. It can integrate mobile mapping and 3D (downloads the data and knows the space you are driving) and it can also be used as a reference sensor to evaluate other sensors like radar and computer vision.

Wolfgang also explained about mobile mapping. Mobile mapping is a technology based on images that are stored to help drivers when they are driving. They can access these images and know where they are, their localization and compare it with their map to see how accurate it can be. In addition, there are detailed measurements that can be actually seen through images. Also the driver can receive retroflector data, which is data concerning road signs. The driver can determine where the signs are on that street or area.

Of course, the lidar also works with the radar, although the radar is already part of the car and allows the driver to know if is there an object or another car in the blind spot.

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