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Microsoft developing software for the connected car

Connected car, autonomous vehicles, autonomous systems, are being explored by tech companies such as Google and Apple and car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Mercedes and of course Car and

Screen Shot 2016-01-06 at 10.19.28 amMicrosoft is also getting into the software development for the connected car but according to Business Insider, unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft is not getting into the car manufacturer market and is not planning to enter it. Microsoft is simply focused on the connected car, developing software such as apps and tools and cloud services that can be accessed by anyone that want to use them like Microsoft Office apps on iPhone and a more vigorous set of Microsoft Azure cloud services.

This means that connected car is just another device in Microsoft’s eyes. As cars get more and more autonomous, they will need more software concerning the intelligence needed to drive themselves and to help the passengers to be more productive.

Volvo already announced that soon people will be able to talk to other cars (selected ones) using Microsoft Cortana Virtual assistant – using the same functions as Microsoft Band 2 fitness tracker. Also Nissan is using Microsoft Azure cloud to collect telematics data from connected cars to improve its onboard software. And of course car owners can already communicate with each other on Car and simply by their registration. So sign up and join the revolution.

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