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Sensors, cameras and the connected car

The fleet industry has been facing a critical need to understand the telematics data and the challenges on how to measure and analyze the data collected, according to TU-Automotive.

Pierre Lussier (Fleetboard Manager with Mercedes-Benz France) articulates that there are 3 main methods of capturing the data:

  • Currently there are sensors to tell us lots about the vehicle;
  • There will be sensors in the future to tell what environment the vehicle is working in;
  • Cameras will replace sensors in the near future.

Concerning the vehicle, there is other important data such as the engine performance, load and fuel efficiency plus wear and tear. You can access technical data about your car once you sign up with Car And or, if you already have an account, click on ‘Technical Information’ in the homepage once logged in.

In a business perspective, according to Lussier (TU-Automotive), the data stated above, can be used for real-time marketing where the business knows the needs of its customers in real-time. Also, for the car owner, the data can help the driver to improve the efficiency of their vehicle.

Also, any environmental data is important to improve the public transport services, road authorities and emergency services.


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