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Uber vs Taxis in a growing connected world

Car And has learned that besides the ride-sharing market growth, another growing market is the app-based taxi services such as Uber and Didi Dache.

Uber is evolving fast by seamlessly connecting passengers to drivers as they make cities more accessible, through their apps. This app requires a smartphone. The pricing is similar to metered taxis, although all hiring and payments are handled through the app and not with the driver. At the end of the journey, the fare is automatically billed to the customer’s credit card. The client can track where the driver is and how much more time will it take to arrive via GPS system. Uber’s 5 star rating system presents an efficient solution to one of the main problems that has been haunting the taxi industry: costumer’s difficulty in evaluating publicly the integrity and competence of the service providers who populate the niches and holes of the economy.

These app based-taxi services are often cheaper and more efficient than conventional taxis, according to The Economist. The newspaper also states that once these services are able to provide driverless journeys, the taxi, car-club and ride-sharing businesses will merge into one big and affordable alternative to owning a car.

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