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Autonomous vehicles can prevent 95% of road accidents

According to a report from the UK’s Institution of Mechanical Engineers in Vehicle Electronics Magazine, autonomous vehicles can prevent 95% of road accidents. This is one of the main drivers for legislation change to allow autonomous vehicles on our roads.Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.00.13 p.m.

Philippa Oldham, lead author of the report said that 95% of all crashes happened due to human error, so it made sense for the UK government, industry and academia to redouble efforts to look at how human involvement in driving vehicles could be phased out.

Car dealerships and vehicle manufacturers will need to provide a greater level of after-sales care, technical updates and upgrades that would be required to ensure the safe introduction of the autonomous vehicles.

The report also asks the Transport Systems Catapult to conduct a public consultation with the industry, legislators, regulators and general members of the general public. The goal would be to look at how to integrate and implement new regulatory systems. The Department of Transport also needs to consider the safety of mixed road use, since the autonomous vehicle will have to understand the road signals and markings.

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