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Human Machine Interface – the changing role of the driver

Screen Shot 2016-03-03 at 11.03.22 amIn a webinar conducted by TU-Automotive, Car And had the opportunity to hear about the evolution from ADAS to HMI.

Thomas Kuhnt, from Continental, stated that the best way to go from semi-autonomous to fully autonomous vehicles was making sure that the car informs the driver about what it plans to do next, during the driving process. Also the driver is the one that should decide if s/he wants to use the autonomous system or not. And this is what Continental in planning to work on. Some of the keys for this process articulated by Continental are:

  • Reliable software;
  • Human machine interface: what the car is planning to do;
  • The acceptance of an automated driving system.

The acceptance of an automated driving system relies on accepting the technology. This process is set to be long. Kuhnt defends that the driver has to build trust in the car and so, one of . Also, the ADAS tools should be intuitive in order to develop better user experience.

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