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Kia Motors to have autonomous vehicles by 2030

Kia intends to release semi-autonomous vehicles by and fully autonomous vehicles by 2030. To do this, Kia Motors launched a sub-brand – Drive Wise – that presents a range of technologies to improve road safety and driver assistance.

Kia introduced the brand and its features at Consumer Electronics Show, in Las Vegas. The technologies presented included highway and urban autonomous driving, preceding vehicle following, emergency stop system, traffic jam assist and an autonomous parking and out function. The technologies will also facilitate the communication and interaction between driver and vehicle with HMI (human machine interface) functioScreen Shot 2016-03-29 at 11.03.28 pmns, such as gesture control, fingerprint sensors and smart device connectivity.

At the show Kia gave their visitors the opportunity of experience a host of these next-generation technologies and concepts with interactive displays.

The more advanced technologies under development by Kia provide the driver with greater levels of assistance, anticipating and reacting to changing road conditions and potential hazards to improve safety for all road users. By helping to eliminate many of the inherent dangers, stresses and difficulties of driving on congested roads, Drive Wise will enable owners to focus more on the pleasures of driving or on other activities.


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