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UK Government leads autonomous development

Screen Shot 2016-03-10 at 11.44.38 amThe UK government recognizes the potential of a connected car and the potential of an autonomous vehicle. The government is focusing on key areas as to why the autonomous vehicle is a good thing:

  • Safety: 94% of accidents are caused by human error. The autonomous vehicle is intended to improve safety;
  • Efficiency: the autonomous vehicle is set to help us optimize the traffic volumes. This kind of technology is already in use by traffic controllers.
  • Mobility: the autonomous vehicle will open transport options for people who cannot drive and will give them more independency;
  • Productivity: on average, people spend 6/8 weeks driving each year. Once they are in an autonomous and connected car, they will be able to do use their time more efficiently while in the car.

The government believes that there are 3 main challenges that need to be addressed:

  1. Pace: legislation for testing autonomous cars on the street should be faster and should facilitate all the aspects of the technology.
  2. Data: the connected car faces privacy, cyber-security and commercialization of personal data issues. Who will be able to provide data and who will be able to access it?
  3. Public acceptability: is the public ready to leave control of the car?

Car And provides a messaging service where drivers can communicate with each other, allowing them to share data in the connected car space. Of course all autonomous vehicles are connected.


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