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Call to make Autonomous Emergency Braking standard in every car

Car And has previously written about the benefits of the autonomous vehicle in terms of road safety. However there are elements of the autonomous vehicle that are available today namely AEB.IMG_4703

AEB helps to stop a vehicle by using a system of radars and cameras and/or lidar when it determines a collision is eminent. AEB reacts faster than humans.

There are now calls to make AEB standard in every new vehicle as part of ADAS technology.

The potential of AEB is significant enough to be taken to account in insurance group rating so that cars with AEB fitted as standard could benefit from a reduced insurance group rating, according to The AA.

In 2014 7% of cars on sale had AEB fitted while 17% of cars on sale could have AEB as an option. A study in the USA has shown that cars fitted with AEB are involved in fewer crashes than comparable cars without this system.

Car And hopes that insurance premiums will fall with AEB as standard.


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