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Can lidar make it safe to put lipstick on?

There are many accidents in slow moving traffic. We have all seen people putting lipstick on, eating their breakfast, doing their hair, talking on the phone and even reading newspapers. This, of course, means that people take their eyes off the road and they are not looking straight ahead. All of this would be deemed as dangerous driving even in slow traffic. There may now be a solution to this.

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 12.50.18 pmAEB (Autonomous Emergency Braking) helps to stop a vehicle by using a system of radars and cameras and/or lidar when it determines a collision is eminent. AEB reacts faster than humans.

The most recent technology is lidar based and is geared towards low speed situations once lidar works more effectively over short distances, according to Car Advice.

The lidar can be found near the top front of the windshield and it sends a laser light into the environment in front of it. When the lights hit the target, the reflected light is analyzed, helping the system to determine how far the object is. When the lidar scans the environment a few times per second, it can determine the car’s surroundings and even create a real image of it. If the lidar notes any changes in the environment that could lead to a crash, AEB system will be triggered automatically if the driver does not react.

Although there are some AEB systems already using lidar as their main technology, most of them still use radar or camera based technology and they do not recognize if there is a pedestrian or a cyclist.

Car And wants our drivers to be safe and strongly recommends them to keep their eyes on the road but in the event that even children cause distraction we know that our cars may be able to protect us in the future by stopping before we hit something. You can check your car’s technical specifications on Car And for free.

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