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Hill assist was developed for the situation when you are going up a hill and you have to stop on the hill and start the vehicle moving again. Hill assist is a variant of the hill-holder and can be found in some semi-automatic cars and in some newer manual transmissions.Screen Shot 2016-04-25 at 11.34.08 am

The system prevents the car from rolling down when trying to make it go up a hill, simulating the handbrake hill start, which some people find quite difficult. There are some situations that trigger the hill assist. The most common is the incline detection. The system starts automatically when there is a 3% incline or more. It detects the inclination and then acts to hold the car stationary for 2 seconds after the brake is released, allowing the driver time to start the car on the hill. Detecting backward motion, clutch, accelerator, brake and engine torque can also trigger the hill assist.

Most new automatic vehicles have hills assist and in case you are in any doubt, Car And can tell you the transmission of your vehicle.

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