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Car “ clocking ” services set to be banned in the UK

Even though selling a clocked car is fraud, it is not illegal to alter the odometer’s mileage. “Clocking” is a term used when vehicle has it’s mileage altered or adjusted – usually downwards – and the vehicle is then sold with false mileage for a profit. In 2015 Glass’s stated that clocking could increase because of the growing number of Personal Contract Plans (PCP’s). PCP’s carry strict guidelines around mileage and consumers face a penalty if the vehicle travels more miles than the agreed contract. The fear is that consumers would reduce the mileage fraudulently to avoid penalties imposed for exceeding the agreed limit.Screen Shot 2015-12-14 at 9.47.21 a.m.

Companies that offer clocking services are set to be banned by the government by May 2018, according to Motor Trader. But NFDA (National Franchised Dealers Association) fears this is not enough to combat the clocking issue which seems to be on the rise. It is much easier nowadays to alter the odometer of a vehicle as the clocks are now digital as opposed to analogue.

Car and allows you to store your service history from either the UK or Ireland and hopefully eliminate the effects of clocking because a verified history is available. Buying a car with a Car And account can help reduce the risk of buying a clocked car.

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