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Being a sports car doesn’t mean unsafe. And proof of that take for example the new Seat Leon CUPRA, it is equipped with the latest safety technology including:Screen Shot 2016-05-05 at 12.04.26 pm

  • Front Assist: warns you if the vehicle in front suddenly slows down. If the driver doesn’t react, the car applies the brakes and can even stop the car if necessary;
  • High Beam Assist: ensures that oncoming traffic is not overwhelmed by the driver’s headlights and automatically flips between the two settings on busy roads;
  • Lane Assist: uses the car’s video camera to analyze the road markings. It detects if the driver is straying out of the lane and steers the car back on track;
  • Adaptive Cruise Control: measures the distance, direction and speed of the vehicles in front, using a radar. The technology controls the accelerator and ensures that the driver is driving at a safe distance 13262172_865178600277109_1374167396_ofrom the front vehicle;
  • Electric Stability Control: reacts faster than the driver in emergency situations. It monitors the steering, wheels, brakes and the accelerator, applying the brakes to individual wheels if it detects instability;
  • Tiredness Recognition System: monitors the driver’s steering wheel movements. If it detects signs of sleepiness, it sends an alert suggesting the driver takes a break;
  • Automatic Post-Collision Braking System: automatically and immediately slows down the vehicle until it comes to a complete stop, preventing or, at least, minimizing further collisions.

13242330_865178616943774_1060474380_oRecently, the Car And team drove the Seat Leon CUPRA and shared some moments of the experience so log on and check out the Seat Leon CUPRA on the Rally of the Lakes group. Car And is a car social network that allows owners to post and share their car experiences amongst many other things.

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