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BMW Vision Next 100 – an autonomous saloon

BMW celebrated its 100 years, in March this year. To celebrate this mark on BMW’s history, the company released its new concept for the next 100 years – a sporting saloon, autonomous and shape shifting.

It has 2 modes: you can drive it or it can drive itself but even if you are driving it, it guides you through augmented realities, projecting the ideal steering line and speed onto thScreen Shot 2016-07-26 at 10.45.24 ame windscreen, according to Top Gear.

The augmented reality display will also project hidden hazards into your field of view and an example of this is when a cyclist is behind a truck. This reality will understand the situation and it will make the truck semi-transparent so you can see the cyclist.

You can switch to ‘ease mode’ and the steering quadrant folds away, the chairs turn around and you can text other drivers using Car And messaging.

The shape-shifting system on the dash lets the car warn you of upcoming hazards by opening to reveal their red flipsides.

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