Top menu and Koolicar bring connected technology to the car sharing market

Ride-sharing allows individuals to gain the benefits of private cars without the costs and responsibilities of ownership and they can be rented for short periods of time.

Membership of car clubs, that let people book through an app for periods as little as 15minutes, is growing by over 30% a year, according to Alix Partners, and it is estimated to hit the 26m members worldwide by 2020. Navigant Consulting stated that global ride-sharing services revenue will approach US$6.2 billion by 2020, with over 12 million members worldwide.



Koolicar, a French peer-to-peer ride-sharing startup is on the way to becoming the world’s biggest network of ride-sharing private vehicles. Ride-sharing is facilitated using a box that is at the core of their system. The box can fit on any type of vehicle, enabling keyless transactions and facilitates connectivity. Access is gained to a particularly vehicle using an RFID card or a mobile phone which unlocks the door and the car keys can be found in the glove box. The connected box calculates the mileage and lease duration and geolocates the car 24/7, according to GPS Business News.

Car And allows you to communicate with other drivers with a messaging system, keeping you connected to your car, the road and other vehicles.

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