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Connected car: PACE Telematics

PACE Telematics has developed an OBD (On-board Diagnostics tool) that uses a smartphone to make a car connected. Screen Shot 2016-07-14 at 2.09.14 pm

PACE offers a range of car performance enhancements and geolocation services, according to GPS Business News. These services include:

  • Car performance monitoring;
  • Automatic driver’s logbook;
  • Find-my-car function;
  • Fuel saving trainer;
  • Fuel expense tracker;
  • Error code analysis;
  • Automatic emergency call;
  • Traffic monitoring;
  • Find the cheapest gas station.

The price of the Bluetooth enabled device (and services) starts at 69€, being cheaper than other Bluetooth devices that connect the car to the smartphone.

Regarding the connected car, Car And allows you to communicate with other drivers simply by registration and it is free.


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