Top menu can help the fleet industry and car owners maintain residual values

At a recent used car conference, some issues were raised such as the creation of misleading impression about the previous usage of a vehicle, according to Fleet News.carandus-profile-pic-250

Auction industry association NAMA’s Louise Wallis said: “We urge vendors to help us to help them by providing full information on service history, usage, repairs and mileage with as much supporting information as possible. Accurate information unquestionably helps conversions and where this supports a quality vehicle it can help values as well.” Car And allows drivers to upload their service history into the system and provides detailed technical information about their vehicle. It helps sellers to keep up the value of their car as much as they can and it helps buyers to know everything about the car they want to buy, avoiding fake information.

Car And also provides a messaging system where users can message other users simply by registration. The messaging system makes it easier for drivers to communicate and share information about their car and get advice from their peers.

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