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US government to legislate for Vehicle-to-Vehicle communication

Generally the US lags behind Europe in the implementation of vehicle safety features. It was only in 1984 that a law came in to force making the use of seat belts mandatory and in 1998 the use of airbags followed suit.Untitled design

Today the US government hopes that digital technology will trigger the next big leap in vehicle safety, according to Gemalto. Vehicle-to-vehicle V2V communication might become mandatory for light vehicles, as the NHTSA (National Highway Traffic Safety Administration) recently announced.

V2V-equipped cars are able to communicate using a wireless network and cars are able to update data such as speed and position 10 times a second, helping to warn drivers of hazards. For example if a car hit an obstruction around a corner it could warn following traffic of the impending danger.

Although if you do not have a V2V-equipped car, you can sign up to Car And for free and you will be able to communicate with other drivers simply by registration. If, for example, you witnessed somebody crashing into a car in a car park and driving off, you can leave a message for the owner of the damaged car.



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