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Tesla Motors to come to Ireland

Tesla is coming to Ireland next year, 2017. It is preparing to open a store in Ireland along with rolling out supercharging stations, according to The Irish Times.

The store is likely to be in Dublin and the 4 charging stations are Dublin, Cork, Galway and Belfast. These stations allow for fast and free recharging of Tesla cars. Each station includes between 6 and 8 charging points and they will be located near food and retail facilities. Just 30min plugged into one of these points gives Tesla a range over 270km – Tesla’s current fleet of EV’s can travel up to 613km on a single full charge.screen-shot-2016-11-11-at-3-08-30-pm

The store opening and the introduction of super charges are set to happen at the same time. Usually Tesla operates store on popular shopping streets and upmarket shopping centers. However, although this is likely to happen in Ireland, there is also the possibility of a Service-plus outlet. It is a more traditional dealership set up with a service location and a retail location in the same spot. Tesla will partner with other parties for the introduction of supercharging stations. Their goal is that the location of supercharges is in a site with amenities, restrooms and restaurants, where customers will be for 30min to one hour. Also it is their goal that supercharges are in a location where a mother with her children goes there at 10pm and feels safe.

In numbers, Tesla currently has 4.543 supercharger stands at 727 locations worldwide.

A Tesla supercharger stand facilitates the charging traffic with the implementation of 6 to 8 charging points but facilitates the communication between car owners. i.e., if a Tesla is fully charged and you are queuing, you can text the Tesla driver via registration and let the owner know their car is fully charged.

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