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EU to grow the EV community

European governments agreed to increase the share of electric vehicles (EV’s) on their fleets as part of a global deal that could lead to orders for up to 300,000 EV’s by 2020, according to Autovista Intelligence.



France, Norway, Sweden and UK as well as China, Japan and the US signed the Government Fleet Declaration. The Declaration was made at the Climate Change Conference (COP22).

As part of the new agreement, governments will also increase efforts to encourage local authorities and companies to introduce low-emission vehicles to their fleets.

The addition of hundreds of thousands of electric vehicles will strain the current charging infrastructure. With that in mind new and innovative solutions are required to maximize usage of the existing network.

Luckily Car and offers a platform where EV’s can send messages notifying other EV’s when they finish charging or if there are any broken charging facilities, making it easier to run an electric vehicle. Car and allows you to message any car via the Registration.

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