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3 biggest disruptors on the autonomous vehicle

The auto industry is on the way to be fully autonomous. From insurance telematics and onboard entertainment to connected car’s big data, according to TU-Automotive.

Mike Bell, Global Connected Car Director of the Jaguar Land Rover Group, believes that there is a growing concern in the media for cyber security and that there should be more investment in this area. He also defends how high-speed connectivity can create new opportunities within the vehicle such as keeping the environment and maps up to date.

Though Mike is not alone in his vision. TomTom Co-Founder and Head of Product Innovation, Peter Frans Pauwels, also has concerns about cyber security: ‘We are bringing community big data to this whole area. ‘How will we deal with this whole data? How are we keeping this data private?Screen Shot 2015-12-15 at 5.00.13 p.m.

Also Pierre Masai, VP & CIO of Toyota Motor Europe defends the need to high-speed connectivity. He defends that the car will be a constant learning machine and this is only possible if the environmental hazards and road works are constantly updated in the in-car map. However he believes the autonomous car standardization will take its time since there are legal and ethical obstacles that have been worked on but they are slow processes.

Christoph Hartung, Head of Connected Car at Mercedes Benz believes that we have to combine onboard experience to customer experience because there is a break when the customer goes inside the car. He also stated that the biggest opportunity comes out of the autonomous driving. There are displays in an autonomous car presenting us with tons of in-car activities opportunities.

Roger Giralt, Head of Connected Car at SEAT, also shares Christoph’s opinion. He defends that digitalization across the whole company and their cars will allow a personalization of onboard experience for the customer.

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