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Samsung develops the fastest charging lithium-ion battery

The limitations of current lithium-ion battery technology pose an interference to move more widespread adoption of plug-in electric cars, according to Green Car Reports.

Short ranges and long charging times still limit people to buy electric cars but Samsung SDI claims to have a potential solution to at least one of those problems. The company designed a battery capable to recharge to nearly full capacity in 20 minutes.

Samsung SDI also promises substantial weight reductions for a battery pack using these new cells.

Currently the company supplies lithium-ion cells for the BMW i3 electric car ad will be a battery supplier for two high profile forthcoming electric cars – the Audi e-tron electric SUV and the 300-mile Air luxury electric car from California-based startup Lucid Motors.

To let other drivers know when an electric car is fully charged, offers a platform where drivers can message each other simply by the registration/license plate.



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