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Electric vehicle innovation

Electric vehicle innovation can be a hard concept to define.

There are powertrains and structural design of the vehicles themselves – including new proportions for the cabin enabled by the compact running gear and battery packs under the floor. But there are also many factors outside the car itself: education and marketing for car shoppers, charging networks to enable longer trips, the role of public utilities and a lot more.

Currently, China is the world’s largest electric car market, just as it is the largest new vehicles market too. China wants to take a commanding lead in global production of not only photovoltaic solar cells and lithium-ion battery cells, but also plug-in electric cars.

Last September, its government said officially that it was assessing in what year it would ban the sale of new vehicles with internal-combustion engines.

That led Green Car Reports to wonder where innovation across all the different areas of the electric car ecosystem would be more intense. And they turned it into one of their weekly polls, asking their Twitter followers where they thought we would see the most innovation in coming years.

The options included China, Europe, US and all the above. The results can be seen below.

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