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Flying car to land in Geneva

At the Geneva Motor Show in March, Pal-V will unveil the world’s first flying car production model – the Pal-V Liberty, according to Vehicle Electronics.

Source: Pal-V

Robert Dingemanse, Pal-V’s CEO said ‘the production model is the moment of truth, the moment where the wall between fiction and facts is torn down. A production model is the last stage in the R&D process before starting full production and delivery. All certifications required for commercialising will be granted on the basis of this production model. It is the pivotal point that separates pioneers from dreamers.’

The certification not only guarantees the safety of the flying car but also is the approval that the vehicle can be driven on the roads and flown in the air.

Dingemanse also stated that ‘once full certification is granted in 2019, we will hand over the keys of the Pal-V Liberty to our first customers’.

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