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Porsche kills diesel cars

Of the three brands caught up in the Volkswagen diesel emission scandal, Porsche as by far the least affected, according to Green Car Reports.

It has sold only one diesel model in the U.S., a version of its Cayenne performance SUV fitted with a 3.0-liter turbodiesel. Regulators approved fixes to some of those engines last October, and Porsche won’t sell any more diesel vehicles in the U.S.

The company said last July it would decide by the end of the decade when to phase out diesels for European buyers. Though the decision has been made, earlier than expected.

According to a report in the Auto Express, Porsche has now ended production of its last current diesel model after killing off the other one last year.

Source: Porsche

They were a version of the newly launched third-generation Panamera large luxury sedan, and a diesel variant of the smaller Macan crossover utility.

The company had already chosen not to launch its redesigned third-generation Cayenne SUV without a diesel option, but it had been widely expected to run out the diesel versions of the other two cars.

The reason for the change, however, is simple: Customers had essentially stopped buying them.

Porsche said in a statement the Macan S Diesel was ‘taken out of the production programme’ as buyer demand shifted to petrol and plug-in hybrid versions.

Sales of the Panamera 4S Diesel ended when the model was updated for 2018, with Porsche saying diesels made up just 15% of the car’s global sales of 11k.

The petrol versions represented another 35%, but an astounding 50% of Panamera buyers opted for the plug-in hybrid models despite its relatively low all-electric range.

Porsche sold diesel vehicles from 2002 through 2018, covering multiple generation of the Cayenne, two generations of the Panamera and one of the Macan.

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