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Aurora to take Byton to level 4

Electric vehicle maker Byton is using Aurora self-driving technology to bring level-four autonomous-driving capabilities into its vehicles, according to Vehicle Electronics.

In the next two years, Byton and Aurora will jointly conduct pilot deployment of Aurora’s L4 autonomous driving systems. Additionally, they will explore the use of self-driving systems in production vehicles.

In January at CES in Las Vegas, the carmaker premiered its Byton Concept and announced plans to design and build smart premium electric cars for the Chinese, US and European markets.

Sales are set to begin in China in 2019, and sales in the USA and Europe to start in 2020.

Aurora CEO, Chris Urmson, says they are excited to partner with the automaker, ‘an innovator in the electric vehicle industry, to further advance our goal of delivering self-driving vehicles quickly, broadly and safely.’

This technology will be piloted in California.

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