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Geneva Motor Show preview

Geneva Motor Show is starting in a week and this year it looks like the show will offer a lot of news for plug-in electric car fans.

Source: Car Magazine UK

Several significant new production cars powered entirely by batteries are expected to make their debuts. They will be supplemented by technology presentations from other makes eager to demonstrate they are not being left behind in planning for vastly expanded ranges of fully and partly electrified models in 2020 and beyond, according to Green Car Reports.

Audi was among the first luxury makes to announce an all-electric vehicle, in this case a crossover utility vehicle and the final production will be launched in Geneva.

Jaguar unveiled a concept version of its 2019 I-Pace all-electric crossover only 18 months ago at the 2016 Los Angeles auto show and it is leapt to the head of the queue now, with the production version making its debut at Geneva, pre-production vehicles caught in testing and video shoots for months now, and deliveries in Europe to start late this summer.

The small, coupe-like Mercedes-Benz CLA sedan uses underpinnings from the smallest Mercedes on the market, the A-Class hatchback sold in Europe since the 1990s.

In February, the company unveiled the latest A-Class generation, with a sleeker design, more fuel-efficient powertrains, and much more upscale interior.

Rimac first appeared at the 2011 Frankfurt motor show with its Concept One electric supercar, a new idea from an unknown company in Croatia.

As of March 2016, car is now in production, sort of – though limited to 10 units – with a powertrain consisting of four electric motors whose total output is 810 kilowatts.

At Geneva, Rimac will launch a successor that it plans to build in higher volumes, and it has released a video teasing that car.

Renowned designer Giorgetto Giugiaro has left Italdesign, the company he founded half a century ago, after it was purchased by VW Group. But he founded a new company, GFG Style and he is already working with a new Chinese energy company to ‘explore broader innovations in e-mobility’.

For Geneva, the design house will unveil an all-electric sedan concept boasting a vast amount of self-driving technology.

Chinese backers are also behind a new electric sedan concept, dubbed Venere, to be introduced by a company known as LVCHI. The company says the Venere will be closer to a fully functioning, derivable prototype than a pure design concept, and supposedly it will offer performance equivalent to that of a supercar.

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