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Autonomous Vehicles Systems

Autonomous vehicles use sensory systems to make them sense their surroundings. These systems are radar, lidar, GPS, odometry and computer vision. To understand how it is possible to have a car that makes decisions, knows the traffic, knows where to go and the best way to go, we should take a look at each of […]

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Drink Driving

Car and Us, love all of our car owners and drivers and we need you in one piece! But, 1 in 10 drivers (284,000 drivers) admitted they consumed alcohol before driving in the past 12 months, according to a survey conducted by Road Safety Authority (RSA). The data was revealed at the launch of the […]

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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are cars with such advanced technology that the owner doesn’t need to drive them anymore! Driverless technology is already in use by BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. These brands are using technology based on GPS, radar, lidar, computer vision and odometry that enables the car to sense its surroundings, so it can park […]

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Car and loves all things cars, and family is just as important. In the car world there are brands that design and share costs. The results of these collaborations are usually what we call “sister cars”. Each manufacturer buts their own design cues on the vehicle trim but by in large the mechanical properties […]

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Ireland and UK are miles apart

Car and knows that the UK and Ireland both drive on the Left hand side of the road. However 10 years ago Ireland changed the odometer (mileage clocks) on all new cars to read in Kilometers. Since then the ratio of cars with Kilometer odometers compared with Miles is nearly 2:1. It took a […]

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Kids magazines are full of games with two pictures side by side but with bits missing or changed. Sometimes even the parent can’t spot all the differences. The new Citroen SpaceTourer, Peugeot Traveller, and Toyota ProAce will be available in MPV versions for private use and in shuttle versions for business use. Both companies therefore […]

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How to Spot Fake Service history with

A car with a full service history can be worth up to 26% more than a vehicle without one. Because of this some people fake service history. Unfortunately it is easy to buy fake log books online. People can then change the number of kilometers and the date of the last service on these fake […]

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Increase the value of your car by up to 26%!

It is estimated that a full service history can increase the value of a used car by up to 26%. According to a recent survey by Kwik Fit, more than one-in-three buyers (34%) will not buy a car without a full service history. also provides you a platform where you can log your service […]

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