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Car “ clocking ” services set to be banned in the UK

Even though selling a clocked car is fraud, it is not illegal to alter the odometer’s mileage. “Clocking” is a term used when vehicle has it’s mileage altered or adjusted – usually downwards – and the vehicle is then sold with false mileage for a profit. In 2015 Glass’s stated that clocking could increase because […]

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Car dealer sentenced for clocking

A UK car dealer has been sentenced to 12 months in jail for clocking and misrepresentation, according to Motor Trader. Connan Harvey admitted to changing the mileage reading on an Audi TT before it was sold. He also admitted selling another Audi TT knowing the mileage was wrong. The judge presiding in this case, HH […]

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Ireland and UK are miles apart

Car and knows that the UK and Ireland both drive on the Left hand side of the road. However 10 years ago Ireland changed the odometer (mileage clocks) on all new cars to read in Kilometers. Since then the ratio of cars with Kilometer odometers compared with Miles is nearly 2:1. It took a […]

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