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Connected car: PACE Telematics

PACE Telematics has developed an OBD (On-board Diagnostics tool) that uses a smartphone to make a car connected. PACE offers a range of car performance enhancements and geolocation services, according to GPS Business News. These services include: Car performance monitoring; Automatic driver’s logbook; Find-my-car function; Fuel saving trainer; Fuel expense tracker; Error code analysis; Automatic […]

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BMW is arguably the most innovative Vehicle Manufacturer and it wants to lead the connected car revolution. One of BMW’s main strategies to is to engage the digital world. According to TU-Automotive, BMW is focusing on four areas to achieve their goals: Automated driving and digital vehicle functions: Digital Services: Enhancing engagement through digital touch […]

Continue Reading got to drive the new Seat Leon CUPRA

Being a sports car doesn’t mean unsafe. And proof of that take for example the new Seat Leon CUPRA, it is equipped with the latest safety technology including: Front Assist: warns you if the vehicle in front suddenly slows down. If the driver doesn’t react, the car applies the brakes and can even stop the […]

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In-car Wireless and hotspot for

In-car connectivity is incredibly useful, especially if you are stuck in traffic or if you want to avoid traffic jams. Buying a car with integrated Internet and Wi-Fi generally leads to better reception and data speeds, since an integrated mobile data connection in a car can access a much better network, with a stronger signal. […]

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Clever Parking App, means more spaces!

Zenpark is a French startup that collaborates with hotels, administrations and owners of large buildings that have underutilized parking spaces. It is a mobile app that literally opens doors to parking. The user registers for free, book a space for a couple of days, hours, a week or a month. The user can then park […]

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Dangers of the connected car

One of the biggest issues regarding the connected car is the storage of your personal data and information about your car. Currently there are little or no cross industry standards, according to TU-Automotive: the data exchange. This means that there are little or no regulation and legislation to ensure that only relevant parties can access […]

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