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How to get a Free NCT! has found a way in which some motorists can avail of a free NCT.

In Ireland, even though not having an NCT up to date has its Consequences, sometimes it isn’t your fault. Occasionally, there are delays when applying for the NCT test and so, you can have it for free.

How can you have a free NCT then?

Well, the busiest time to book your NCT test is between December and January. Therefore delays happen and, according to the NCT customer charter, a customer will be provided with a test free of charge where an appointment cannot be offered within a 4 week period provided that:

  •  The test is not overdue by more than 7 days at the time of contacting NCTS;
  • An appointment has not been offered at least 1 week prior to the test due date;
  • The customer has not made specific requests regarding suitable days, times or dates;
  • The customer has not declined or rearranged two or more appointments;
  • The customer has not failed to attend an appointment;
  • The customer has not previously accepted or requested an appointment outside of the four week period

So as long as your appointment is at least a week before your due date – it doesn’t matter how many weeks away it is – you won’t get it for free.  The free test doesn’t apply if you were already past the NCT expiry date when you contacted NCT. This concept is more suited to those vehicles registered at the beginning of the year which is most cars.

To find out when your NCT is due simply log on to


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