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How to reduce the cost of an MOT or even get it for Free has found a way in which some motorists avail of a cheaper and even free MOT’s.

If you take your vehicle to local councils instead of a garage, the result of the test is more likely to be impartial as they don’t do repairs. It’s of little difference to the council whether you pass or fail. This could make the process cheaper. For a list of Council MOT Centre’s click here.

However if you know your car is going to fail, then you should take it to a garage because the re-test is free of charge if you leave the car in that garage to be repaired. Plus you can try and get the cost of the MOT included (i.e. free) in the repair cost with a little bit of good old fashioned haggling.

Companies can only charge up to the official maximum for an MOT (£54.85) and many companies promote cheaper tests in order to win the business.

To find out when your MOT is due simply log on to


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