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Never forget your NCT or MOT again! can help drivers remember when their NCT or MOT is due. Simply log in and you will be able to see when your NCT or MOT is about to Expire, along with a raft of other information about your vehicle.

Did you know that one third of UK drivers admit they have driven without an MOT? In Ireland Gardaí issued 1,877 penalty-point notices to people driving without valid NCT certs in 2013. A lot of these points were issued needlessly as people simply forgot to renew.

It was always an offence to use a vehicle on a public road without a valid NCT or MOT certificate. In Ireland the offence carries a minimum of 3 penalty points and in the UK you can be prosecuted with a fine up to £1,000, so it’s just not worth it.

A lot of this can be avoided simply by signing up to

And remember you should apply for your NCT and MOT at least 4 weeks before the expiry date!

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