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Autonomous vehicles will communicate with us via Human Machine Interface (HMI)

IMG_4703Dr. Alain Dunoyer, from SBD Automotive and a HMI expert, believes that the industry should get the basics rights. It means that information in the car (icons) that is ADAS related, should be grouped in the same space (e.g. on the same navigation screen) and, at first, the icons should have a bit of text associated with them so the driver knows the icons and what do they mean. Humans will need to know when there is a transition from autonomous back to controlled. This is the issue with the HMI.

Dr. Alain also stated the 4 principles that SBD as a company are working on in regards to HMI:

  • Visibility – the car needs to show the driver what is doing, the steps that it is taking;
  • Prioritization – ADAS nformation, especially if it is a warning should be communicated to the driver, or on the screen effectively;
  • Consistency – if you activate a feature, it should turn green, if you cancel it, it should turn orange, so the person knows what is going on in the car;
  • Clarity – how the systems should communicate with the driver. For now it only exists the user manual.

While there in no Human Machine Interface on Car And there is a wealth of data about your car, which is easily accessible once logged on. You also have the ability to communicate with other drivers.

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