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22% of road accidents last year were weather related

Approximately 22% of road accidents last year were weather related, according to the Road Weather Management Program. With this in mind, a new application called Hudway was created to allow drivers to focus on the road even when there is low visibility. This combined with all of the new ADAS and autonomous features may help to reduce this.Screen Shot 2016-05-04 at 4.56.04 pm

By using Hudway, drivers don’t have to interpret audio commands from the navigation system. Further they do not have to take their eyes off the road to view maps. Current navigation systems do not account for low visibility conditions including fog, heavy snow, darkness.

Hudway is a mobile app that does not require any projectors, only a smartphone. It reflects the direction on the windshield so the driver can look straight to the road. The app also offers voice assistance warning the driver of the next dangerous curve on the road ahead, creating an audio-image.

Hudway is a wonderful system enabling you to drive in potentially lower visibility conditions the car itself must be prepared for the weather, which it encounters. A Car And user has the ability to get instant service quote, instant tyre quote and a pre NCT inspection to keep the car at its optimum for any weather conditions.

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