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When will you buy your first autonomous car?

Autonomous Car – A Green Car Reports Poll

Green Car Reports recently conducted a Twitter survey asking when their Twitter followers expected to buy their first fully autonomous car.

Fully one-third (32%) expects to buy a fully autonomous car by 2020 and 27% waits for 2022 to 2025 to buy one. 24% expects to buy a fully autonomous vehicle between 2025 and 2013 and 17% expects to never buy one.


Though the industry consensus is considerably less optimistic for cars to be sold with full level 5 (you can tell the car where to go and sleep on the back seat) of autonomy.

The results were remarkable, and contrasted with the consensus among industry analysts, engineers, and technologists on the pace of autonomous rollouts. They believe that is not expected to arrive until roughly 2030.

While the fully autonomous vehicle is not here offers a driver the possibility to communicate with other drivers simply by the registration/ license plate, facilitating the traffic. For example, when an EV is fully charged a driver can send a text letting them know their car is fully charged so another driver can charge their EV.

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