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Continental and NVidia bring AI to vehicles

Continental and NVidia are partnering to create artificial intelligence (AI) self-driving vehicles technology based on the NVidia Drive platform, with a planned market introduction in 2021 for level 3 features, according to Vehicle Electronics.

The partnership aims to produce AI systems that scale form automated level 2 to full level 5 autonomous driving, where the vehicle has no steering wheel or pedals.

Source: Tech Crunch

Engineering teams from each company will work together to develop self-driving technology based on the Drive platform, including the Xavier SoC and operating system, as well as autonomous vehicle software stacks.

They will use Continental’s experience in system and software engineering for Asil D rated safety and integrate a range of Continental sensors, including radar, camera and high-resolution 3D lidar.

Xavier can deliver 30 trillion operations per second for deep learning, while consuming only 30W of energy. This is necessary to handle the massive amount of data processing that self-driving vehicles must perform. These include running deep neural nets to sense surroundings, understanding the environment, localising the vehicles on an HD map, predicting the behaviour and position of other objects, as well as computing vehicles dynamics and a safe path forward.

They will develop automated driving features, including 360º perception and automatic lane changing on highways, plus the ability to merge in traffic. In addition, they will integrate HD maps.

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