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Tesla racing car approved by FIA

It is formally called the Electric Production Car Series, but for the moment it may come to be known as the Tesla racing car, according to Green Car Reports.

After being unveiled almost two years ago, it is now officially a legitimate racing series: FIA, the governing body for world motorsports, officially approved it.

It is the second FIA racing series for electric cars, following the Formula E open-wheel single-seater races now entering their fourth season.

Originally called Electric GT racing, what is now the EPCS is envisioned down the road as a multi-make series.

Not too hard to imagine a factory team of Porsche Mission E electric sport sedans whose sole mission is to beat the California Teslas, is it?

The inaugural season should start late this year or early next year, and all teams will use a common design for a race car based on the Tesla Model S P100D.

Those vehicles will have their powertrains boosted 580 kilowatts and 734 pound-feet of torque and will be roughly 1,100 pounds lighter with their complete interior removed.

For the kick-off season, 10 teams will each have a pair of drivers competing on tracks in England, France, Germany, Italy, Portugal and Spain.

The format is comprised of a pair of 37-mile races, one in daylight and one at dusk, following two practice sessions and then three qualifying heats.

Extra points toward the championship will be awarded for the pole position and fastest overall lap.

To please crowds and compensate for the short races, the two top finishers from the races will compete with two additional drivers chosen from fan votes in a series of drifting challenges that can earn them extra points as well.

The calendar of locations and dates will be announced later this year, but the modifier Tesla Model S racers won’t be the only production-base electric cars competing head-to-head n race tracks.

Last autumn, a series of Jaguar I-Pace races was announced to start late 2018, on the same circuits and on the same weekends as the FIA Formula E open-wheel electric race series.

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