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Tata Automai autonomous vehicle platform

Tata is a global design and technology services company and a leader for the automotive electronics and software development, announced the licensing of its advanced autonomous vehicle middleware platform Automai.

The Automai platform provides carmakers and Tier 1 automotive suppliers with a comprehensive and modular solution covering Perception, GNC and Drive-by-Wire systems, to quickly build, test and deploy autonomous vehicles.

This solution supports sensor fusion with a variety of sensors from cameras to Radar and Lidar and leverages sophisticated artificial intelligence (AI) and deep learning-based algorithms to deliver the complex use-case scenarios expected of driverless cars.

Automai also allows rapid region-specific adaptation through its pre-integrated validation datasets and AI & deeps learning capabilities.

The key features of Automai include:

  • Modular Architecture to suit customer needs for Full Middleware/ Systems/ Subsystems/ Specific advanced ADAS applications;
  • Plug and Play architecture for easy porting, optimisation, integration & testing of customer systems, subsystems and algorithms;
  • Supports combination of multiple sensors to suit customer requirements such as Lidar, Radar, Ultrasonic sensors and Mono/Stereo cameras;
  • Enables Rapid Region specific adaptation through pre-integrated validation datasets and AI & deep learning capabilities.

To better understand how these features work, please click here.

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