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Extending an Electric Vehicles range with solar power!

We don’t get a massive amount of sunshine here on the Green Isle, but recently the weather has been great which sparked the following conversation in the office… Is it technologically feasible to extend the driving range of battery-powered cars by attaching flat, solar glass panels, over (or as part of) a car roof? There […]

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ADAS to Autonomous: Tiredness Recognition System

Tiredness recognition system is a proposed solution to reduce fatigue related fatalities and accidents. Companies are working to create innovative and proactive technologies that provide real safety benefits. Some of these innovative solutions are already commercially available, such as the measurement of brain activity (electroencephalogram), measurement of the eye behaviour, gaze direction, heart rate variability […]

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ADAS to Autonomous: Front Assist

ADAS to Autonomous: Front Assist Volkswagen Front Assist is a system designed to help avoid or mitigate accidents into the rear of preceding traffic. VW vehicles have a long-range radar at the front of the car that can detect vehicles up to 80m ahead which the car is likely to hit if no action is […]

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22% of road accidents last year were weather related

Approximately 22% of road accidents last year were weather related, according to the Road Weather Management Program. With this in mind, a new application called Hudway was created to allow drivers to focus on the road even when there is low visibility. This combined with all of the new ADAS and autonomous features may help […]

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Can lidar make it safe to put lipstick on?

There are many accidents in slow moving traffic. We have all seen people putting lipstick on, eating their breakfast, doing their hair, talking on the phone and even reading newspapers. This, of course, means that people take their eyes off the road and they are not looking straight ahead. All of this would be deemed […]

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Hill assist was developed for the situation when you are going up a hill and you have to stop on the hill and start the vehicle moving again. Hill assist is a variant of the hill-holder and can be found in some semi-automatic cars and in some newer manual transmissions. The system prevents the car […]

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ADAS to Autonomous: Auto Hand Brake

The hand brake is a locking brake used to keep the vehicle stationary. It can be also used to prevent the car from rolling when the driver needs both feet on the clutch and the accelerator. The system consists of a cable directly connected to the break on one end and to a lever or […]

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ADAS to Autonomous: Automatic gearbox

The automatic gearbox is a type of vehicle transmission that can automatically change gears as the vehicle moves, negating the need for the driver to change gears. The automatic gearbox allows an internal combustion engine to run at alternative high speeds, providing a range of speed and rotation outputs necessary for the vehicle to move. […]

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