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autonomous systems

Extending an Electric Vehicles range with solar power!

We don’t get a massive amount of sunshine here on the Green Isle, but recently the weather has been great which sparked the following conversation in the office… Is it technologically feasible to extend the driving range of battery-powered cars by attaching flat, solar glass panels, over (or as part of) a car roof? There […]

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Cruise Control

Car And found the amazing story of the modern cruise control. Modern Cruise Control, also known as a speedostat or tempomat, was invented in 1948 by Ralph Teetor, an inventor and mechanical engineer. His idea came out of the frustration of being in a car driven by his lawyer, who kept speeding up and […]

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Park Assist

Park assist is one of the characteristics of an autonomous or semi autonomous vehicle. Many brands like Peugeot, Citroen, Ford and Volkswagen already work with computer vision software so their cars have this feature. Park assist was first developed by Toyota Corporation in 1999 and it was first implemented in Lexus in the U.S. The […]

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Ford and Google to build self-driving cars

Car And has learned that Google and Ford have been negotiating the conditions of a joint venture to build a self-driving car. According to Yahoo Autos, the partnership was announced by Ford at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas. Yahoo Autos also advanced that even though the details of the partnership are unclear, […]

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Microsoft developing software for the connected car

Connected car, autonomous vehicles, autonomous systems, are being explored by tech companies such as Google and Apple and car manufacturers like Volkswagen, Mercedes and of course Car and Microsoft is also getting into the software development for the connected car but according to Business Insider, unlike Google and Apple, Microsoft is not getting into […]

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