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Extending an Electric Vehicles range with solar power!

We don’t get a massive amount of sunshine here on the Green Isle, but recently the weather has been great which sparked the following conversation in the office… Is it technologically feasible to extend the driving range of battery-powered cars by attaching flat, solar glass panels, over (or as part of) a car roof? There […]

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BMW Vision Next 100 – an autonomous saloon

BMW celebrated its 100 years, in March this year. To celebrate this mark on BMW’s history, the company released its new concept for the next 100 years – a sporting saloon, autonomous and shape shifting. It has 2 modes: you can drive it or it can drive itself but even if you are driving it, […]

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Volvo Cars plans to carry out an autonomous driving trial – Drive Me London – in 2017, with autonomous vehicles and real people inside, on London roads, according to Motoring. Volvo plans to introduce a technology that promises to massively reduce car accidents, free up congested roads and save drivers valuable time. The initial fleet […]

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Being a sports car doesn’t mean unsafe. And proof of that take for example the new Seat Leon CUPRA, it is equipped with the latest safety technology including: Front Assist: warns you if the vehicle in front suddenly slows down. If the driver doesn’t react, the car applies the brakes and can even stop the […]

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22% of road accidents last year were weather related

Approximately 22% of road accidents last year were weather related, according to the Road Weather Management Program. With this in mind, a new application called Hudway was created to allow drivers to focus on the road even when there is low visibility. This combined with all of the new ADAS and autonomous features may help […]

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Limp Mode

Onboard computers control almost every system in your car. Limp Mode is when the vehicle computer recognizes a problem. So, for example, when an expected signal value from a sensor is sent to the computer and the computer does not recognize it then back up programs are activated to attempt to protect the transmission or […]

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New clever test dummies to stage walk out – in front of cars

ACEA developed a pedestrian dummy that walks in order to test ADAS safety systems.   With the number of miles autonomous vehicles perform on the streets increasing and the speed we are moving towards an autonomous driving world, the European Automobile Manufacturer’s Association (ACEA) in association with the European Association of Automotive Suppliers (CLEPA), have […]

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Cars sales set to decline in Autonomous World

Even though the car industry is moving towards connected cars and driverless vehicles, it may be stumbling. With the growth of the ride-sharing industry (where people prefer to rent a car for a couple of hours) and cheap efficient app-based taxis like Uber, drivers are not buying cars to the extent the industry hoped. The […]

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Cadillac using HomeLink by Gentex Corporation

Car And has learned that Gentex is showing a range of automotive vision-enhancing technology including LDM full display mirror currently in the 2016 Cadillac CT6 and will be in the 2017 Cadillac XT5. These 2 vehicles will also be equipped with glare-eliminating automatic-dimming exterior mirrors with side blind zone alerts and HomeLink car-to-home automation […]

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