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Solar car that can charge as you drive – The Sion

Sono Motors, a Munich-based start-up founded in 2016 has been developing an all-electric solar vehicle (the Sion) that has the capability to charge while driving, as well as when stationary. This summer, Sono has taken full advantage of the heatwaves across Europe to test the final development of its charging system. The Sion has solar […]

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Hyundai & Audi to push development of fuel cell tech!

In a bid to accelerate the development of fuel cell technology, both Hyundai and Audi have come together to team up. For years, Audi has been working on fuel cell concept. First with the Audi A2H2 in 2004, and again with the Q5 HFC in 2008. It began referring to its hydrogen-powered projects as h-tron […]

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Extending an Electric Vehicles range with solar power!

We don’t get a massive amount of sunshine here on the Green Isle, but recently the weather has been great which sparked the following conversation in the office… Is it technologically feasible to extend the driving range of battery-powered cars by attaching flat, solar glass panels, over (or as part of) a car roof? There […]

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New technology cuts hybrid fuel consumption by third

University engineers have improved the efficiency of PHEVs (plug-in electric vehicles) by more than a third through a new power delivery approach that uses battery electric power at all times while driving, according to Autovista Intelligence. Most PHEV models work by starting in all-electric mode and switching to hybrid fuel mode when their battery packs […]

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Samsung develops the fastest charging lithium-ion battery

The limitations of current lithium-ion battery technology pose an interference to move more widespread adoption of plug-in electric cars, according to Green Car Reports. Short ranges and long charging times still limit people to buy electric cars but Samsung SDI claims to have a potential solution to at least one of those problems. The company […]

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Mini to release plug-in hybrid

The next generation Mini utility vehicle will be the brand’s first model to offer a plug-in hybrid powertrain, according to Green Car Reports. Mini was not very specific on details but noted that an electric motor is used to power the rear wheels, while the internal combustion engine powers the front wheels. It means this […]

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