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Hyundai & Audi to push development of fuel cell tech!

In a bid to accelerate the development of fuel cell technology, both Hyundai and Audi have come together to team up. For years, Audi has been working on fuel cell concept. First with the Audi A2H2 in 2004, and again with the Q5 HFC in 2008. It began referring to its hydrogen-powered projects as h-tron […]

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Extending an Electric Vehicles range with solar power!

We don’t get a massive amount of sunshine here on the Green Isle, but recently the weather has been great which sparked the following conversation in the office… Is it technologically feasible to extend the driving range of battery-powered cars by attaching flat, solar glass panels, over (or as part of) a car roof? There […]

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Norway to retain EV incentives

Norway is set to retain generous EV incentives (electric vehicle) until 2020 to help maintain its position as one of the world’s leading markets for plug-in vehicles, according to Auto Vista Intelligence. The government was due to phase out some incentives, such as the exemption from the 25% rate of VAT, but the country now […]

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Toyota changes strategy: EV’s on the way

In a landmark change of strategy, Toyota is set for mass production of long-range electric vehicles (EV’s) that will enter the market around 2020, according to Auto Vista Intelligence. Reported in the Nikkei newspaper on Monday, it is a dramatic reversal for the automaker that has long promoted plug-in hybrid cars and hydrogen fuel cell […]

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Audi R8 e-tron ends production

The Audi R8 e-tron – an all-electric version of the makers R8 supercar will discontinue its production less than 2 years after its introduction, according to the Green Car Reports. The R8 e-tron was intended to be a limited edition, with cars built upon request and its sales were restricted to Europe. During its brief […]

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Global AFHV market expected to reach $614bn by 2022

The global alternative fuel and hybrid vehicle (AFHV) market is set to skyrocket to $614 billion (€564 billion) by 2022, growing every year by 13%, according to Autovista Intelligence. The Allied Market Research (AMR) report projects that passenger vehicles will dominate, with the Asia-Pacific region taking the lion’s share (47% in 2015). The AFHV market is […]

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