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New Garmin GPS helps describe the road, not just the way

The Garmin Drive new line of portable navigation devices (PND’s) provides driver awareness, only seen in luxury cars that can now be accessed by all drivers as an after market solution. Garmin Drive offers a GPS navigator with driver awareness (preloaded with detailed life time maps, driver alerts and the ability to search fine restaurants […]

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New head up display to make navigating with your phone safer

Cognitive AI Technologies launched Carloudy, a portable wireless voice controlled automotive head-up display (HUD). It reflects an image onto your windshield so you can keep navigating even if there is very bright sunlight. Carloudy is able to interpret what you need and delivers the relevant information. You just need to simply connect your compatible iPhone […]

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Uber vs Taxis in a growing connected world

Car And has learned that besides the ride-sharing market growth, another growing market is the app-based taxi services such as Uber and Didi Dache. Uber is evolving fast by seamlessly connecting passengers to drivers as they make cities more accessible, through their apps. This app requires a smartphone. The pricing is similar to metered […]

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Autonomous Vehicles Systems

Autonomous vehicles use sensory systems to make them sense their surroundings. These systems are radar, lidar, GPS, odometry and computer vision. To understand how it is possible to have a car that makes decisions, knows the traffic, knows where to go and the best way to go, we should take a look at each of […]

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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous vehicles are cars with such advanced technology that the owner doesn’t need to drive them anymore! Driverless technology is already in use by BMW, Mercedes, Lexus and Audi. These brands are using technology based on GPS, radar, lidar, computer vision and odometry that enables the car to sense its surroundings, so it can park […]

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