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Ride-sharing companies set to change in the autonomous world

It will be interesting to see how autonomous cars will change the game for ride-sharing companies like Uber and Lyft, according CBS Insights. Uber is already developing its own autonomous fleet, though it is unclear whether it will be better at producing cars than major manufacturers such as BMW or tech companies like Google who […]

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Uber vs Taxis in a growing connected world

Car And has learned that besides the ride-sharing market growth, another growing market is the app-based taxi services such as Uber and Didi Dache. Uber is evolving fast by seamlessly connecting passengers to drivers as they make cities more accessible, through their apps. This app requires a smartphone. The pricing is similar to metered […]

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Ride-Sharing is Growing

Ride-sharing (UK) or Car-sharing (US) allows individuals to gain the benefits of private cars without the costs and responsibilities of ownership and they can be rented for short periods of time. Ride-sharing market is growing fast, providing numerous transportation, land use, environmental and social benefits. However it is not cost effective when commuting to a […]

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